Granulated salt is the crystalline form of Himalayan pink salt. It is extracted by grinding pure Himalayan Pink salt rocks into tiny particles of 25-30 Mesh, 1-2mm, 2-5mm & client required size.

  • Different Sizes Available 25-30 Mesh, 1-2mm, 2-5mm & client required size.
  • Used for Treatment of certain illnesses such as respiratory disease.
  • It helps to strengthen the immune system by cleaning the lungs and airway from germs and bacteria.
  • Rich in rare elements such as iron, potassium, and calcium. It allows a good renewal of blood. Its structure of this product allows minerals and elements to adsorbed directly into the body of the human cell. Tiny pink crystals also serve during Halotherapy and Speleotherapy in salt rooms.
  • Use it in hot water saunas and spas.

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